Is Pork Bad for You? 6 Hidden Dangers Sign 

How pig is prepared, portion quantity, and personal health affect whether it's harmful for you. Pork has six hidden risks:  

1. Rich in Saturated Fat  

Saturated fats are abundant in pork, especially bacon and pork belly. Too much saturated fat raises cholesterol and heart disease risk.  

2. Potential Sodium Overload  

In excess, processed pig products like bacon, sausage, and ham can cause high blood pressure, fluid retention, and cardiovascular difficulties due to sodium.  

3. Nitrites and Nitrates  

Nitrites and nitrates, which raise the risk of colon cancer, are used to preserve many processed pig products.  

4. Foodborne illness risk  

Foodborne infections such nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and death can result from improperly cooked pork containing Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.  

5. Antibiotic and Hormone Concerns  

Antibiotics and hormones are used in commercial pig farming to boost growth and prevent sickness. Pork from animals treated with these chemicals may pose antibiotic and hormone hazards.  

6. Possible Trichinosis  

Trichinosis is caused by eating undercooked or raw pork contaminated with Trichinella. Muscle pain, fever, and digestive difficulties all cause consequences in extreme cases.  

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