Zodiac sign-appropriate automobile color  


Lover of peace, both men and women, are Libras. Symmetry, harmony, and balance appeal to them. They adore having something sultry and fashionable for a vehicle. Consequently, blue and black will be the lucky car colours for those under the Libra sign. 


People born under the sign of Scorpio are resourceful and forceful. They also have a carefree attitude and are quite passionate. White will therefore be the lucky colour for Scorpio natives. Additionally, you might choose red, yellow, and saffron. 


The Sagittarius sign belongs to wanderers. You're giving by nature and you enjoy things that energise you. Additionally, you favour designs that reflect your modern way of living. Consequently, red and silver will go well with your style and work well as car hues. 


Capricorn people are adept at exercising restraint. You value accountability and certainty, and you enjoy structure. Thus, whichever car, bike, or other mode of transportation you decide on, be sure it keeps you safe and doesn't drive you nuts. 


Originality and independence are traits that most Aquarius men and women value. You love a forward-thinking attitude and think it's great to own cars that take you on adventures. Thus, grey, white, and blue will be the lucky car colours for Aquarians.


Your personality is artistic and insightful if your Moon sign is Pisces. You find beauty in things and enjoy comfortable cars. The Pisces sign's lucky car colours are white, golden, or yellow, depending on your personality. 

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