Your partner's zodiac sign reveals their love language  


Love and support-filled deeds are appreciated by Aries. Their partner makes them feel most loved when they take the initiative, assist them with tasks, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. 


Taurus people have an intense desire for touch and physical interaction. When their partner gives them hugs, cuddles, and hand holdings, they feel most loved. For them to feel emotionally well, physical presence and connection are essential.


Verbal communication and expression are valued by Gemini. When their spouse genuinely complements them, has deep talks with them, and shows appreciation for their wit and intelligence, they feel most loved. 


Individuals that are Cancerian have a strong desire for complete focus and close companionship. When a loved one is completely there and involved, they feel the most cherished. Their secret is to simply spend quality time together, have meaningful talks, and never finish.


Gifts that are intelligent, heartfelt, and represent affection are treasured by Leos. Big or small, meaningful gestures of affection are what make their partner feel most loved and appreciated. Leo's true priorities are the effort and emotion that went into the gift.


Like Aries, Virgos regard service to others as their love language. When their spouse supports them, assists with the household chores, and generally makes their lives simpler, they feel most loved.

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