Your End-of-Summer Nails Look, According to Your Zodiac Sign  


Aries people will be inspired to have some good ol' fashioned fun this summer by this stylish red and white gingham design nail art, which will also make them reminisce for their younger years.


Tauruses are romantics at heart, as anyone who knows them well will attest. That makes it all the more fitting for them to paint the word "love" on their nails.


Astrologically speaking, Gemini is associated with lemons and vivid yellow. Even more motivation for the Mercurial sign to have this stylish pattern on their nails.


Since summer officially begins during the Cancer season, the tender sign will want to start things off with a gorgeous lavender base paired with vibrant pastel blooms.


Leos adore accessorising their claws with vivid splashes of colour. They are, after all, regarded as one of the zodiac's most theatrical and audacious signs. Every time they are noticed around town, this bewildering design will bring them the love and attention they so much want.


Despite the fact that Virgo is controlled by the vivacious Mercury, they are not typically thrill-seekers, thus they should dress elegantly when it comes to their nails.

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