Workout You Hate Most, By Zodiac Sign


Aries is a cardinal fire sign, which means they have a wild side. Additionally, Mars, the planet of vigour and resolve, rules you, making it nearly impossible for you to sit quiet for very long. That's the reason yoga has always been your least favourite kind of physical activity.


You are a fixed earth sign that is opposed to running since Venus, the planet of beauty, rules you. Running seems like a nightmare to this sign because they also detest leaving the house, Garbis explains, especially if they have to deal with the weather. 


For an adventurous air sign like you, there's no worse destiny than becoming trapped on a stair stepper machine, according to Garbis. It will feel like harsh and unusual punishment to just keep moving forward while staying still.


Garbis claims that because Cancers are laid back and easygoing, boxing or mixed martial arts would not be your thing. It feels a little terrifying to think about punching out of control as a personal trainer is screaming at you.


According to Garbis, Leos are fire signs, which implies you enjoy meeting new people, including when you're working out. You will be incredibly bored if a routine keeps you still the entire time.


Virgos despise fad exercises. Being a subdued earth sign, you're surprised by the recent craze for wild sports like rollerblading and trekking, and you don't get why everyone is so into pickleball.

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