4 Ways To Extend Life of Grow Bag

Growing bags. Perhaps commercial soil bags invented it, but there are numerous kinds. Non-woven recycled PET felt Anti-BPA Epic Grow Bags. Lined plant bags conserve water better in warm regions. 

What Are Grow Bag?

Here are several ways to extend the life of your grow bags. These strategies can be used during and after the growing season to keep your bags in great shape.

Not all of our bags are UV-resistant. Protecting the bag and roots from the elements extends the fabric pot's life and keeps the plant happy! Place the plant in the sun, not the bag. 

1. Protect them from sun and moisture 

If your location doesn't freeze hard, bundle your grow bags in winter to block cold breezes. Put your most sensitive overwintering plants in the group center!

2. Protect them from wind  

Grow bags should be brought indoors in cold climates. The damp fabric is protected from freezing and damage. Even overwintering plants will love it!

3. Bring them indoors in the winter 

Empty and clean grow bags while not in use. Fold them and keep them in a garage or shed out of direct sunshine after drying. 

4. Store them properly 

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