UTI Home Remedies: Can You Treat a UTI Without Antibiotics?

Water aids kidney waste removal and mineral and electrolyte retention. Hydration dilutes and speeds urine, making urinary organ cell infection difficult. varying people have varying water needs, thus no daily advice.

Stay hydrated

Urinating often removes microorganisms from the urinary tract. It also lowers the time urine bacteria are exposed to tract cells, reducing their risk of infection. Urinate as soon as the urge comes to prevent and treat UTIs.

Urinate when needed

Cranberry juice is a common natural UTI therapy. It fights other infections and speeds wound healing. Cranberries treat UTIs. The optimal cranberry product and amount must be researched because its efficacy varies by person.

Consume cranberry juice

Probiotics help keep the urinary tract clean. Lactobacillus probiotics may treat and prevent UTIs.

Use probiotics

Antioxidant vitamin C boosts immunity. It forms bacteria-killing nitrogen oxides with urine nitrates. It reduces urine pH, making bacteria less likely to survive. Vitamin C may prevent or treat UTIs, although research is few.

Adequate vitamin C

Rectal or fecal germs can enter the urethra and cause UTIs. Urine leaves the body through this tiny tube. Bacteria can induce infections in other urinary tract organs from the urethra.

From front to back, wipe

Sexual activity can introduce germs and other microbes to the urinary tract. This risk can be reduced by excellent sexual hygiene.

Maintain sexual hygiene

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