Types of Fertilizers for Houseplants 

There are many various kinds of fertilizers that you may choose from when you are looking for fertilizers for your houseplant.

The most common houseplant fertilizer is liquid. They are usually diluted and applied to the soil after regular watering. 

Although these nutrients are readily available, they must be replenished on a consistent basis.

Granular fertilizers can be mixed in with the soil when repotting, or they can be sprinkled on top of it. As you water it, nutrients will gradually be released. 

Particularly with larger pellets, they usually last longer than liquid fertilizers, but if you don't properly follow the directions, you run a higher danger of overfertilizing.

Synthetic and organic fertilizers exist. Organic fertilizers from plants or animals, like seaweed-based fertilizers, break down organic molecules and add nutrients to the soil. 

Synthetic fertilizers include nutrients and work faster than organic fertilizers, but they don't improve soil health.

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