Top 5 Mediterranean Diet Myths: Debunked by Experts

Mediterranean diet myths abound, as with most diets. I adore debunking myths, as my blog and newspaper/magazine readers know! Some of the biggest misconceptions I hear.

Anyone, anywhere can follow the Mediterranean diet. Many Mediterranean cuisines are easy to find at home, even though this is a large region.

The Med diet fails outside the Mediterranean

The Med diet includes these foods but is diversified. Many countries and food cultures follow the Mediterranean diet. Greece, southern Italy, France, Spain, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, and others border the Mediterranean. 

The Mediterranean diet features pizza, pasta, and cheese

Mediterranean diet heart-healthy fats don't induce weight gain or sickness. Quite contrary! Those randomly assigned to eat nuts or olive oil as part of a Mediterranean diet had greater health than those trained to eat healthy.

The Mediterranean diet is too high in fat 

Quite contrary! The flavor of EVOO changes throughout cooking, but it doesn't become unhealthy. EVOO has a lower “smoke point” than refined oils like canola, vegetable, and light olive oil, but it's still healthy enough for most home cooking.

Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is forbidden

The Mediterranean diet is as easy to follow as any healthy diet. It will be difficult at first to create new habits like eating more of certain foods, less of others, and cooking more at home.

The Mediterranean diet is hard to follow

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