Potato Huevos Rancheros Recipe


Potato Huevos Rancheros uses crispy potatoes instead of corn tortillas. For a nutritious breakfast, add salsa, jalapeño, and a fried egg!


For the potatoes: – 1 lb. Idaho red potatoes, cleaned and dried – 4 Tablespoons butter – 1 teaspoon Kosher salt – 1/2 teaspoon black pepper – 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder – 1 teaspoon smoked paprika For the toppings: – 2 cups your favorite salsa (I recommend something chunkier, not super liquidy) – 2 teaspoons olive oil – 4 egg – 2 jalapenos, sliced – Handful fresh cilantro, chopped – Sour Cream



Soften potatoes in a microwave-safe container for 4-6 minutes, rotating midway. Chop potatoes. They may heat! Heat a large cast-iron skillet on medium.


Step 1

 Cut-side-down potatoes in melted butter in a skillet. Size of skillet may require two batches. Piling fails to crisp potatoes. After 4 minutes, flip potatoes and grease other side.


Step 2

 Heat half the seasonings for 3–4 minutes to brown sides. Turn potatoes skin-down. Make potatoes crisp by adding seasonings and cooking for 3–4 minutes. Stop cooking.


Step 3

A small saucepan of low-heat salsa. Keep warm. Cook eggs to desired doneness in olive oil or butter over medium heat. 


Step 4

My huevos rancheros have overeasy eggs. Evenly place potatoes on plates. Add a fried egg, salsa, jalapenos, cilantro, and sour cream. Eat now.


Step 5


– YIELD: 4  – SERVING SIZE: 1 Amount Per Serving:  – CALORIES: 347 – TOTAL FAT: 20g – SATURATED FAT: 10g – TRANS FAT: 1g – UNSATURATED FAT: 9g – CHOLESTEROL: 218mg – SODIUM: 1421mg – CARBOHYDRATES: 33g – FIBER: 5g – SUGAR: 8g – PROTEIN: 12g


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