How to Transplant or Repot African Violet

After learning why repotting is necessary, start doing it! Follow the steps for best results.

Repotting starts with container prep. Wash an old container with soap and water to remove particles before recycling. Clean containers prevent diseases from spreading to roots. 

Step 1: Prepare The Container

Prepare the pot and then the plant. Carefully remove the plant from its container by the base stem. If the plant resists removal, squeeze the pot edges or wet the soil.

Step 2: Remove The Plant

Next, teasing the roots is crucial to repotting. Rootbound plants should not grow in circles, but less root disruption is better.

Step 3: Tease The Root

A quick trim using pruning shears. Clean and cultivate African violets during repotting.To speed up root growth after repotting, remove dead leaves and blooms.

Step 4: Trim Any Damage

Finally, lower the plant until the leaves are slightly above the pot rim. Fill the container with soil mix to just below the rim.

Step 5: Replant

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