How to Grow Blueberries in Pots or Containers

Can potted blueberries grow? Absolutely! It's possible and easy. Growing blueberries in containers gives you greater control over plant placement and care.

Before developing a potted blueberry plant, find a sunny area. Does your location get 6–8 hours of direct sunlight?

1 - Choose a Sunny Spot

You must choose a suitable container to grow a plant in a container. Blueberry shrubs grow large and need containers at least 24 inches across and deep.

2 - Pick a Proper Container

Potted blueberry gardens allow you to simply construct the perfect soil composition. This is easier than changing in-ground soil. 

3 - Soil Mix

There are many blueberry kinds. Importantly, choose a climate-friendly plant.Florida residents should choose a warm-climate species over the smallest potted plant!

4 - Which Plant to Plant?

Blueberry roots are shallow and dense, staying close to the soil. This causes them to dry up quickly in containers or in the ground.

5 - Watering Routine

Growth suits blueberries. Removal or trimming of flower buds prevents fruiting for two years after planting.Fruit production demands energy. 

6 - Pruning

The blueberries need little fertilizer. When a plant starts fruiting around year 3, apply mild fertilizer annually. Plants that prefer acid have specific fertilizers.

7 - Fertilizer

Birds adore blueberries. If birds are eating too much, use a mesh fence to protect your plant. I strongly advise against covering a plant with fine plastic bird netting.

8 - Pest Protection

If you reside in a cold climate, potted plants may need winter protection. Some blueberry varieties are cold-hardy, however containers might expose them to cold.

9 - Winter Protection

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