8 Stretches to Do Before Bed 

Start with a gentle neck stretch, tilting your head from side to side, holding each position for 15 seconds.


Move to shoulder rolls, rotating them backward and then forward for 30 seconds to release tension.


Stretch your spine by sitting cross-legged and reaching for the ceiling, holding for 20 seconds.


Extend your legs and reach for your toes, holding the stretch for 15 seconds to loosen hamstrings.


Perform a butterfly stretch, bringing the soles of your feet together and leaning forward for 20 seconds.


Ease lower back tension with a knee-to-chest stretch, holding each leg for 15 seconds.


Open up your hips with a seated figure-four stretch, alternating legs and holding for 20 seconds.


Finish with a calming child's pose, holding for 30 seconds to relax your back and shoulders before bedtime.


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