8 Healthy Foods That Are Incredibly Cheap 

Oats: A budget-friendly whole grain option high in fiber and versatile for breakfast or baking.


Eggs: An affordable protein source rich in nutrients like choline and selenium.


Beans: Packed with protein and fiber, beans are a low-cost staple for various dishes


Bananas: Nutrient-dense and cost-effective, bananas offer potassium and natural sweetness.


Brown Rice: A nutritious whole grain that serves as a wallet-friendly base for many meals.


Cabbage: A low-calorie cruciferous vegetable that's both economical and nutritious.


Sweet Potatoes: Budget-friendly and nutrient-packed, sweet potatoes provide vitamins and fiber.


Lentils: Inexpensive and protein-rich, lentils are perfect for soups, stews, and salads.


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