7 Safe Options for Essential Oils for Babies  

Putting safety and the correct amount of dilution at the forefront of essential oil use for infants is of the utmost importance. Here is a list of seven secure choices

Lavender oil can help babies feel better and help them relax because it is known to be calming. When diluted the right way, it's gentle and safe.

The lavender plant

Chamomile oil is gentle and can help you calm down and feel better. It's often used to help babies sleep and ease the pain of chewing.

Flower chamomile

Mandarin oil has a soft, energizing smell that can help you relax and feel better. It's safe for kids to use if it's diluted enough.

In Mandarin

 Dill oil can help your body digest food and calm kids who are gassy. It shouldn't be used too much and should be reduced correctly.


 The soothing effects of frankincense oil can help you relax. Wet it down so that kids can't get sick, and you can use it for massage or aromatherapy.

The scent of frankincense

Roman chamomile is soothing and soft, like chamomile oil. When diluted the right way, it can help you sleep and calm down.

Chamomile from Rome

Ylang ylang oil smells like sweet flowers and can help you sleep. It is safe for kids to use as long as they don't get too much of it.

A flower called ylang ylang 

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