7 Coins With Secret Messages And Their Meanings

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Coins have long conveyed messages, symbols, and political sentiments. These seven coins have secret messages and meanings:  

Bible mentions little copper Jewish currency. Not secret: sacrifice. A widow gives Jesus two worthless lepta in the New Testament. He emphasized her tiny sacrifice.  


The Widow's Mite 

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Reverse "S" Barber Dime (1892-1916). Conspiracy theorists think "S" indicates "Satan" or "Serpent," hinting money design fraud. The coin's San Francisco Mint origin is proven, claim numismatists.  


The Barber Dime 

The US minted steel pennies in 1943 due to copper shortages. We made some bronze planchets from last year. Collectors value these rare "error" coins.  


The 1943 Steel Penny 

Some 1955 pennies had double images due to minting misalignment. Coins with clear lettering and date doubling are collectible.  


The 1955 Double Die Penny 

When the Euro was launched in 2002, all Eurozone countries released coins with national insignia. Euro coins' backs depict a map of Europe with each country's coin.  


The Euro Coin Map 

Saint-Gaudens' 1907 Double Eagle coin is recreated. 2009's ultra-high relief makes it three-dimensional. The design was for circulation but not mass production.  


Gold Triple Eagle Ultra High Relief Coin 2009  

Security micro-lettering on 2016 Royal Mint £1 coins. Micro-lettered "ONE POUND" with English, Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish rose, leek, thistle, and shamrock motifs using a magnifying glass.  


The 2016 £1 Coin 

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