5 Ways to Start Gardening a Month Earlier

Start gardening early with these creative ideas instead of waiting for the last frost. In the month before spring, you'll be astonished how much you can grow despite cold and rain.

A raised bed is a soil-filled garden box. Most of the many raised beds available for construction or purchase support strawberries.

1 - Start Seeds Indoor

Strawberry plants need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Build your beds in a garden area that won't be shadowed by your house, trees, or other structures.

2 - Soil Blend

I love raised garden beds because I can choose the soil. Raised garden beds are perfect for hard clay soil or compacted yards without altering the soil.

3 - Timing

Dozens of strawberry types are tailored to diverse temperatures and growing conditions. Varieties fall into three categories: June, Ever, or Day-Neutral.

4 - Lighting

Sometimes present enjoyment must be sacrificed for future harvests. Strawberry plants in raised beds often flower immediately after planting.

5 - Use a Cold Frame

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