13 Tips For Growing Sunflowers in Pots or Containers

Potted sunflowers are just as easy to grow as in the ground, but many gardeners ignore container size. Sunflowers prioritize pot size over attractiveness.

1. Right Container Size

Though certainly to a lesser extent than size, the pot's material also has a significant impact on the plant's success.

2. Choose Materials Wisely

When asked what's most important in container gardening, I always say drainage. Even if you follow this checklist perfectly, sunflowers won't survive without excellent drainage!

3. Don’t Forget About Drainage

Sunflowers range from the massive ‘Mongolian Giant’ to the smaller dwarf types. When cultivating sunflowers in small places, dwarf varieties help. 

4. Choose A Smaller Variety

A sunflower needs soil to grow. You control the soil while growing sunflowers in pots or containers, making soil choice even more important.

5. Choose The Right Soil Mix

Starting seeds early in trays is like planting in the ground. You can direct-sow sunflower seeds in pots or containers and protect them until they're ready to move outdoors.

6. Sow Directly Into The Pot

Amazing sunflower size. Expanding flower heads can bend or break stems, especially in severe winds or rain. 

7. Add Support

The name itself indicates how fond sunflowers are of sunlight. Strong growth requires full exposure, even when cultivating a lesser variety in containers.

8. Place In Full Sun

Sunflower blooms require many resources. Container gardens need lots of water. Full sun dries up container soil faster than beds, so watering at the right time is vital.

9. Water Consistently

Even with good intentions, overwatering can cause soggy soil and root rot. Roots need to breathe and move without suffocating, like humans.

10. Avoid Overwatering or Underwatering

Heavy feeders, sunflowers need nutrition all season to grow. When grown in containers with limited soil nutrients, feeding is even more important.

11. Feed At The Right Time

Sunflowers look lovely in pots or containers all season, but you may cut some to enjoy indoors. When cutting flowers from these plants, be gentle to avoid long-term damage.

12. Trim Flowers Carefullye

If given space and conditions, sunflowers make lovely container plants. Though growing indoors is appealing, our homes don't satisfy these environmental standards.

13. Avoid Growing Indoor

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