13 Reasons to Grow Native Plants This Season

Beautiful native flora may be enough to grow them. Many species have lovely flowers, foliage, or fruit. Greenery is year-round with natives. 

1 - Native Plants Are Beautiful

Natives suit large, small, sunny, shady, wet, and dry gardens. Themed gardens like rock, butterfly, bird, and herb gardens are popular.

2 – They Will Fit All Garden Type

Native vegetation helps birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Wetland vegetation in ponds feed and shelter fish! Grow natives for wildlife-friendly gardens.

3 – Benefits to Wildlife

Local climate favors native plants. A local native plant requires little care. It can endure heat, cold, dampness, aridity, heavy and low moisture.

4 – Well-adapted to Your Climate

They need less water due to local climate adaption. They may not need water. Wild native plants just need rainfall, however drought-stricken plants may benefit from irrigation.

5 – You’ll Water Them Less

Many cultivated and ornamental plants benefit from annual fertilization. Native plants may thrive without fertilizers since they are well-adapted to their soils. 

6 – Little to No Fertilizer Needed

Many pests and diseases don't affect native plants. This reduces pesticide consumption, saving time, money, and the environment. 

7 – They Are Pest-Resistant

Natives are hardy, tolerant of local circumstances, and consume less water and fertilizer. Many of them are low-maintenance! Native plants grow easily and require little care.

8 – They Require Less Maintenance

Native plants offer several environmental benefits. Help clean the air. They breathe carbon dioxide and oxygen like all plants.

9 – Beneficial to Local Environment

Any terrain can support native trees and shrubs. You can cultivate native ferns, vines, and ground coverings without worrying about their taking over your landscape.

10 – Plants Get Along

Natives are vital to the ecology. They feed and shelter many wildlife species and humans as part of the natural food chain.

11 – Natural Ecosystem Part

Native plants contribute biodiversity to the natural landscape. Having a variety of plants in nature or cultivation is beneficial.

12 – They Provide Biodiversity

Some natives propagate swiftly. Many plants self-seed and grow from underground rhizomes. Fortunately, these plants' population increase is straightforward to manage.

13 – They Aren’t Usually Invasive

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