13 Native Plant Seeds Ideal for Winter Sowing

Northern North American anise hyssop is a lovely herbaceous perennial wildflower. It grows best in full sun or moderate afternoon shade in cooler climes. 

1 - Anise Hyssop

The central and eastern US is home to aromatic aster, a big, bushy perennial. Grow it in well-drained, wet soil. Aromatic asters spread quickly due to their robust rhizomes, so give them space. 

2 – Aromatic Aster

Foxglove beardtongue is a spring-blooming herbaceous perennial from the eastern and southeastern US. It thrives on dry to medium-moisture, well-drained soil in full sun or light shade. 

3 – Beardtongue

Eastern and central US wildflowers include black-eyed Susans. Annuals or short-lived perennials. Reseeded in the garden and producing new plants each year, you may not realize they survive only a few years. 

4 – Black-eyed Susan

Blanket flowers are vigorous annuals or perennials native to the south and Mexico. It favors loose, sandy soil with good drainage yet grows in many circumstances.

5 – Blanket Flower

Southern and western US and Mexican blue grama grass is a durable and versatile ornamental grass. Blue grama grass thrives in dry to medium-moisture soil in full light.

6 – Blue Grama Grass

Western North American prairie or Lewis flax is a perennial blue flax. It thrives in sandy, well-drained, full-sun rock gardens and xeriscapes. This flower seeds easily and grows nicely. 

7 – Blue Flax

The herbaceous perennial wildflower blue sage is native to the Southeast. It grows well from seed in full sun or mild shade. It thrives in dry to medium-moisture soil and periodic drought. 

8 – Blue Sage

Butterfly milkweed is a beautiful eastern and southeastern US perennial. This plant thrives in butterfly, pollinator, pocket prairie, and mixed wildflower gardens. 

9 – Butterfly Milkweed

California and Arizona bluebells bloom annually. Plant this beautiful flower from seed in winter for early spring bloom in warmer climates. It likes warm, dry, well-drained soil. 

10 – California Bluebell

Western US perennial wildflower California poppy is showy. It thrives on grassy west coast hillsides but can be grown in a garden. California poppy prefers dry, well-drained soil in full sun. 

11 – California Poppy

The herbaceous perennial Culver's root is from northeastern North America. It thrives in full sun but tolerates little shade. It prefers medium-to-wet, well-drained soil. 

12 – Culver’s Root

Eastern US garden phlox is a beautiful perennial wildflower. It thrives in broad sun and some shade, making it ideal for a dappled forest garden.

13 – Garden Phlox

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