13 Flowering Shrubs That Make Beautiful Privacy Hedges

American Beautyberry is a pretty shrub in the Southeast. In good weather, it can reach 6 feet. This plant likes rich, wet shadow soil. Growing from seeds and cuttings.

1 - American Beautyberry

Many Forsythia types make good hedge plants. With a height of 20 feet, Border Forsythia can be pruned to shape and size.

2 – Border Forsythia

Popular shrubs like camellias are extensively sold. There are several camellia cultivars with varied bloom seasons and hues.

3 – Camellia

Cotoneasters are densely green shrubs with many blooms and fruits. Small pinkish-white flowers emerge in late spring and early summer.

4 – Cotoneaster

Beautiful Fragrant Sumac grows in eastern North America. Small greenish blooms bloom in spring, but October is ideal. Sumac's fragrant, scarlet fall leaves make a lovely hedge.

5 – Fragrant Sumac

Chinese Fringe Flower is a thickly leafy shrub that grows tall and wide. It works best in direct sunlight. Plant it in rich, moist, well-drained soil. 

6 – Fringe Flower

Eastern US native Fringe Tree. Small flowering tree is attractive and showy. The tree produces many exquisite creamy white fringed blooms in late April.

7 – Fringe Tree

Aromatic plants include Cape Jasmine. Beautiful large single or double white blossoms. In temperate areas, gardenia blooms late spring to early summer, all summer in warmer ones.

8 – Gardenia

Low-maintenance Glossy Groups of abelia form a low hedge. Hardy plants may grow under poor situations. Abelia grows in full sun to moderate shade on medium-moisture, well-drained soil.

9 – Glossy Abelia

Eastern and southern US have Hardy Hibiscus, or Swamp Mallow. Mid-to-late summer blossoms are lovely on this shrub. Big pink-to-white blossoms attract butterflies and pollinators.

10 – Hardy Hibiscu

They thrive in full sun but may tolerate mild shade. Acidic, organic, well-drained soil is ideal. Keep soil moist since blueberries hate dryness.

11 – Highbush Blueberry

Hedgerows benefit from densely growing inkberry, which stays green year-round. Small greenish-white flower clusters cover these plants. Small dark berries attract birds later in the season.

12 – Inkberry

Common Lilac blossoms are fragrant in spring. Their tall clusters of light purple-blue flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

13 – Lilac

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