13 Fast Producing Fruit Trees, Shrubs & Vines

These trees thrive in sunny, well-drained yards. These cute little trees with rich orange autumn foliage. They look stunning with mature fruit branches.

1 - Asian Persimmon

Asian pear tastes like a pear-apple mix. They resemble apples in shape and size. It tastes sweet and juicy like a pear and is crisp like an apple with a somewhat textured skin.

2 - Asian Pear

The tropical fruit banana can be cultivated at home. You may bring tropical paradise to your yard by planting a banana. Large herbaceous plants, bananas are not trees or shrubs.

3 - Banana

Blackberries grow easily, but they expand and sprawl, so give scraggly blackberry beginnings lots of space when planting. Upright blackberries can be trained to grow on trellises.

4 - Blackberry

The edible landscape benefits from blueberries, a delightful pleasure. Fresh blueberries can be eaten from the bush. Fruit-eating birds like the berries, and many pollinators visit the blossoms.

5 - Blueberry

The columnar apple tree is unique. Young plants are compact and look like leafy poles with apples on the stem.

6 - Columnar Apple Tree

Fast-producing fruit plants include figs. Your first year of planting will yield fresh figs! Sugar figs, or Celeste figs, produce lots of sweet fruit.

7 - ‘Celeste’ Fig Tree

Some like sweet citrus, others sour. Tangy flavor lovers in warm climates may like a tangerine tree. Tangy, peelable Dancy tangerines are luscious. These oranges inspired Clementines!

8 - Dancy Tangerine Tree

If you love peaches, consider this tiny peach tree for your backyard orchard. Elberta peach trees self-pollinate and mature at 8–10 feet.

9 - Dwarf Elberta Peach Tree

Small, sticky, tasty summer mulberries. Chinese fruit has acidic grape flavor. Blueberry-grapefruit comparisons exist. Mulberries are delicious fresh, in jams, pies, and sorbets.

10 - Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry

Gooseberries—American gooseberries—are tiny fruits unrelated to geese. The blueberry-sized fruits are green or red, depending on the type.

11 - Gooseberry

Growing grapes in your yard is common. The place must have sufficient airflow and sunlight. Muscadines can endure afternoon shade.

12 - Vining Grape

Full-size mango trees are huge, yet mangoes produce quickly. This makes them unsuitable for home gardeners. Grafting allows the dwarf Ice Cream mango tree to thrive in pots. 

13 - Ice Cream Mango Tree

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