13 Best Plants To Make DIY Holiday Wreaths

Spruce makes a rich, Christmas wreath. The branches' rich green tint matches the red-green color palette, making them excellent for traditional wreaths.

1 - Spruce

Fir will endure throughout holiday season (and possibly longer if you're a lazy decorator who keeps your wreaths up for months). 

2 - Fir

Soft and flexible, cypress looks lighter and more delicate than dense fir branches. The feathery greenery adds texture and a delicate aroma to welcome you home.

3 - Cypre 

Pine comes to mind when thinking about wreaths or the holidays. Traditional pine wreaths last and smell festive. Beginner wreath makers can work with the branches easily.

4 - Pine

Juniper, another seasonal favorite, makes a great base for a modern wreath. You can make the perfect wreath with the branches' diverse textures and colors.

5 - Juniper

Your home needs holiday holly. Handcrafted Christmas wreaths feature it. Regardless of arrangement, the glossy foliage and bright berries offer your home a Christmas-like look.

6 - Holly

Even amateurs can make a rich boxwood wreath with little leaves packed densely on pliable branches. Though not a classic holiday wreath, this wreath has year-round appeal.

7 - Boxwood

Full and green wreaths are the Christmas norm, but there are others. Branch-only structure wreaths work nicely in modern, minimalist homes for a rustic or neutral appeal.

8 - Dogwood

Efficient edible gardeners can use herbs to make a fragrant wreath for their dining table. Due of its woody but pliable branches, rosemary is a good choice for wreaths.

9 - Rosemary

If you have lots of oregano in a warm area, use it in holiday wreaths. In larger bunches, the tiny leaves seem luxuriant and have an earthy aroma that will make you salivate.

10 - Oregano

Rich sage leaves add dimension to a festive wreath. Unlike traditional wreaths, the fluffy greenery has a silvery sheen that adds winter charm. 

11 - Sage

Lavender wreaths, another Mediterranean favorite, are beautiful year-round, especially in winter. Their summery floral aroma can brighten cold rooms.

12 - Lavender

Bay laurel tropicalizes holiday decor. Bay leaves look great but are usually used for cooking. If done properly, dried leaves and branches keep their shape during the holidays.

13 - Bay

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