13 Beautiful Plants for A Firewise Landscape

Succulent leaves store water, making them perfect for dry areas. Over 420 aloe vera species have vibrant green and gentle blue leaves that are lovely year-round. 

1 - Aloe Vera

Due to its heat, drought, and ignition resilience, this brilliant blue decorative clumping grass is a popular firewise landscape choice. 

2 - Blue Fescue

Its herbaceous perennial growth and high moisture content make torch lily fire-resistant. Idaho Fire Resistance of Plants master database grades red hot poker 10—safe to grow near home.

3 - Red Hot Poker 

Russian sage helps hot, sunny pathways, walkway borders, and roadside "hell strips" burnproof. Since it produces oils, this herbaceous perennial should be 20-30 feet from structures.

4 - Russian Sage

Another fragrant, drought-tolerant, low-fire-risk plant is lavender. These herbaceous perennials flourish in dry environments but don't catch fire in summer smoke. 

5 - Lavender

Coral bells create beautiful, pest- and disease-free perennial mounds! Variety like ‘Fire Chief’ generate crimson foliage that holds color and moisture all season due to heat and humidity tolerance. 

6 - Coral Bell

Fire-resistant penstemon with tubular blooms attracts pollinators. Beard Tongues are North American and prefer acidic soil. Their flowers are white, purple, and red. 

7 - Beardtongue

A wonderful firewise groundcover, creeping thyme is becoming a popular drought-tolerant grass replacement and weed-smothering “living mulch” in ornamental beds.

8 - Creeping Thyme

This popular native wildflower appears on most drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly, rain garden, rock garden, low-maintenance, and firewise landscaping lists. 

9 - Coneflower

Oregon grape's glossy, holly leaves are fire-resistant. These 6' shrubs don't collect dead stuff at their bases. Keeping leaf tissues moist all season.

10 - Oregon Grape

The succulent leaves and modest growth of all edums make them fire-resistant ground covers. They are used to halt and extinguish upward-moving fires near homes and on hillsides.

11 - Stonecrop

Fire-resistant yarrow has feathery, drought-tolerant foliage. Beautiful umbel-shaped flower clusters attract helpful insects on this native perennial that grows practically everywhere in the US.

12 - Yarrow

This robust, adaptable shrub fits any fire-resistant landscape and requires little care. Its vibrant colors add visual interest from spring to fall.

13 - Barberry

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