13 Beautiful Flowering Plants That Will Rebloom All Season

The semi-evergreen violet enriches forest borders and rock gardens. Alpine violets have vibrant green heart-shaped leaves. Each beautiful purple bloom has a slender stem above foliage. 

1 - Alpine Violet

Angelonia is a taller annual that blooms all summer and takes minimal care. Angelface or summer snapdragon is a pink, purple, or white annual. 

2 – Angelonia

This hardy rose is disease-resistant and adaptable. Beach roses offer pink or white solitary blooms with golden centers. Dead roses produce hips.

3 – Beach Rose

Use black-eyed Susans in perennial flower gardens for yellow perfection. These perennials have chocolate-brown cores and yellow daisy petals. Strong, slender stems with lance-shaped leaves bloom. 

4 – Black Eyed Susan

This light blue delphinium is from of the New Millennium collection, known for its prolific blooming and strong stems. Tall flower spikes have light blue blooms with purple centers.

5 – ‘Blue Lace’ Delphinium

This tough perennial is popular in flower gardens for good reason. Variations of this perennial include purple or pink flower spikes. The mound-shaped silver foliage is always lovely.

6 – Catmint

Beautiful blue reblooming bearded iris ‘Cloud Ballet’. Blue-sky iris with white and yellow beards. Late spring or early summer blue blossoms return in late summer or early fall.

7 – ‘Cloud Ballet’ Iris

Zinnia seed collection name describes it. Zinnia trimming boosts bloom. It takes little in your garden, beautiful rainbow zinnia. Zinnias thrive! Flowers in vases last longer.

8 – ‘Cut and Come Again’ Zinnia

This clematis has 6-inch-wide pure white double blooms! Beautiful herbaceous climbing vine ‘Duchess of Edinburgh’ is easy to cultivate! This clematis blooms twice.

9 – ‘Duchess of Edinburgh’ Clematis

One bloom per year is bigleaf hydrangeas' only drawback. Hybrid endless summer hydrangeas bloom on ancient and new wood. These blossoms will last all summer and fall.

10 – Hydrangea

Gardens' classic annual cockscomb. On airy stalks, ‘Flamingo’ flowers are pale pink. With age, these gorgeous flower spikes turn silver, giving the plant a two-toned aspect.

11 – ‘Flamingo’ Cockscomb

Mid-sized perennial giant hyssop has summer and fall bluish-purple spikes. Hummingbirds and other pollinators love tube-shaped blossoms. 

12 – Giant Hyssop

Border gardens benefit from hardy geraniums. They feature deep-cut medium-green leaves. This pretty foliage is purple or pink. This early blossoming is prolific and long-lasting.

13 – Hardy Geranium

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