12 Different Types of Blueberries For Your Garden

Deciduous blueberry shrubs produce fruit. Their heavily branched stems make them ideal landscaping plants. Blueberries have nodding, bell-shaped blossoms in April that bees enjoy.

‘Atlantic’ is a medium-sized northern highbush. This cultivar prefers mild climates. To control growth, trim this spreading plant that produces many canes.

1 - Atlantic

Northern highbush cultivar ‘Bluecrop’ is medium-sized. ‘Bluecrop’ is a robust, upright-growing plant. It fruits midseason. Medium to large, firm, crack-resistant fruits.

2 - Bluecrop

Northern highbush cultivar ‘Blue Jay’ grows quickly. Plants grow quickly and send up new root suckers each year. Mummy berry disease-resistant ‘Blue Jay’ bushes grow upright and open.

3 - Blue Jay

Northern highbush cultivar ‘Blueray’ is medium-sized. It provides medium to high fruit yields early to mid-season. The huge, high-quality fruits taste great. 

4 - Blueray

Northern highbush cultivar ‘Bluetta’ is medium-sized. This early-ripening cultivar produces medium-sized fruits. The fruits are crack-resistant, tasty, and softer.

5 - Bluetta

Northern highbush ‘Draper’ is compact and rounded. Berry ripening occurs early to midseason. Firm, medium-to-large fruits with a moderate flavor.

6 - Draper

Northern highbush ‘Duke’ is medium-sized. Erect, vigorous plants bear early-to-mid-season fruits. Root suckers from ‘Duke’ will grow new canes. These plants produce medium-to-large, firm, light-blue fruits.

7 - Duke

Northern highbush ‘Earliblue’ thrives. These bushes grow straight and spread, producing several new canes each year.

8 - Earliblue

Elliott' northern highbush, small to medium. The sturdy late-season plant fruits in September. Cross-pollinate ‘Elliott’ with a late-season cultivar for best fruit set and quality.

9 - Elliott

The medium-sized northern highbush cultivar ‘Herbert’ produces huge fruits. Blueberries of this variety are huge and tasty, yet soft.

10 - Herbert

Popular medium-sized northern highbush cultivar ‘Jersey’. Hardy and erect, it grows well. Reddish stems make this plant beautiful year-round. 

11 - Jersey

Northern highbush cultivar ‘Legacy’ is medium-sized. Mid- to late-season producer with strong, prolific shrubs. ‘Legacy’ fruits are firm, medium to large, and delicious.

12 - Legacy

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