11 Tips For Growing Strawberries in Raised Beds

Imagine a summer garden without juicy strawberries. The rich, sweet fragrances of farmed strawberries will make you never buy grocery store strawberries again.

A raised bed is a soil-filled garden box. Most of the many raised beds available for construction or purchase support strawberries.

1 - Start with a good raised bed

Strawberry plants need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Build your beds in a garden area that won't be shadowed by your house, trees, or other structures.

2 - Put Your Bed in Full Sunlight

I love raised garden beds because I can choose the soil. Raised garden beds are perfect for hard clay soil or compacted yards without altering the soil.

3 - Fill With Well-Drained Loamy Soil

Dozens of strawberry types are tailored to diverse temperatures and growing conditions. Varieties fall into three categories: June, Ever, or Day-Neutral.

4 - Choose The Right Variety

Sometimes present enjoyment must be sacrificed for future harvests. Strawberry plants in raised beds often flower immediately after planting.

5 - Pinch Spring's First Flowers

Strawberry mats can form unintentionally. Groundcover benefits from this, but raised bed yields suffer. 

6 - Prune Off All Runner

Overcrowding raised beds is another mistake beginners make. Bare root strawberry crowns or plugs look little when planted, but they need lots of area to thrive.

7 - Don’t Overcrowd Your Bed

Raised bed biodiversity is boosted by companion planting, a common organic gardening method. Strawberry-tolerant plants flourish, pollinate, and fight pests. 

8 - Use Companion Plant

Raised beds help prevent grass and other weeds from growing. However, weed seeds can still grow in your strawberry patch.

9 - Garden Beds Weed-Free

We wish strawberries would hang from our raised beds like flowers. However, berries typically lay on the soil. Sometimes slugs and other bugs harm berries or cause rotting.

10 - Keep Your Berries Off The Soil

Not to mention, this advice will spare you a great deal of hassle. On raised beds, stay away from above sprinklers at all costs.

11 - Don’t Use Overhead Sprinkler

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