11 Different Types of Bright Yellow Magnolia Tree Varieties

Yellow symbolizes joy, sunshine, lemons, and golden honey. After a chilly, gray winter, the color offers excitement and freshness.

The Butterfly variety is an M. acuminata-M. denudata hybrid. The medium-sized, deciduous tree's erect, pyramidal growth pattern makes it ideal for limited spaces. 

1 - Butterflies

Another gorgeous pyramidal hybrid is Elizabeth. Like butterflies, this species thrives in urban areas and blooms mid to late spring, making it zone 4 cold-tolerant. 

2 – Elizabeth

Small deciduous tree or huge bush, golden pond. It grows upright to spreading and stays closer to the ground than others on this list.

3 – Golden Pond

A low canopy and spreading habit make Hot Flash, another yellow flowering shrub, stunning. As you can see, most yellow hybrid magnolias were bred for one crucial trait.

4 – Hot Flash

Yellow magnolia Ivory Chalice blooms early. Not suitable for climates north of zone 5. Even in warmer climates, this one needs protection from chilly winds because its blossoms don't last.

5 – Ivory Chalice

This thin, straight little tree is wonderful. The exquisite, delicate shape and 6'-8" width make this variety flexible in placing.

6 – Judy Zuk

This beautiful tree is a hybrid of M. x brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’ and M. ‘Gold Star’. One of the taller yellow magnolias, it grows straight and upright to 30 feet.

7 – Solar Flair

This amazing variety has many benefits! Its erect, thin growth makes it versatile for planting. It grows tall and fills tight areas.

8 – Sunsation

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden produced this lively flower. It grows pyramidally and looks great in the front yard. An adult Yellow Bird tree can reach 40 feet tall.

9 – Yellow Bird

Another M. acuminata-M. denudata hybrid. Very cold-tolerant late bloomer. Yellow fever is a little tree that can grow to 40', although it's unusual.

10 – Yellow Fever

Chinese magnolia denudata, often known as Yulan or Lily Tree, is gorgeous. Due to its late flowering habit, this little deciduous tree has lovely lily-shaped blossoms and exceptional cold resistance.

11 – Yellow River

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