11 Best Breathing Exercises to Strengthen Lungs

Pursed lip breathing is a lung exercise done to slow breathing. Your slow exhale and lip shape keep your airways open longer, making breathing easier. This simple technique can improve lung function over time.

Pursed Lip Breathing

Belly or abdominal breathing uses the diaphragm. COPD patients should do one of the best lung capacity breathing exercises to strengthen their diaphragm. Increase your oxygen intake with this technique.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Pranayama/yoga lung exercises include equal breathing, also known as coherent breathing or Sama Vritti. Inhaling and exhaling equally is key. Conscious breathing relaxes and expands our lungs. Anyone can do this exercise to improve mental and physical health.

Equal breathing

Bhramari pranayama—humming bee breath—is respiratory exercise. This is one of the best lung function breathing exercises for oxygenation. There are other mental and physical benefits. Sitting straight and using this technique help your lungs.

Humming bee breath

Aulom-Vilom, or alternate nostril breathing, focuses on breath control. Pranayama breathwork and solo practice include this popular exercise. Breathing in and out of your nostrils improves lung function and endurance.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Pushing out improves lung oxygen absorption. Chronic lung disease sufferers benefit from 4 daily practices. Lung health professionals recommend it as one of many deep breathing exercises for COPD, lung clearing, and more.

Pushing out

Rib stretch is one of several breathing exercises that clear and expand the lungs. Easy to master and fast. COPD can be treated with this exercise three times a day.

Rib stretch

Using numbered breath can also boost oxygen intake. Focusing on a sequence of numbers throughout the exercise promotes mindfulness. One of the easiest counting breathing exercises.

Numbered Breath

Complete Breath is a simple lung capacity-building method. It requires full lung capacity and respiration. It boosts immunity and calms breathing. Reduce stress and anxiety.

Complete Breath

Buteyko Breathing exercises to improve health. These exercises are recommended for asthmatics and lung function enthusiasts. Gasping and stress breathing can be reduced with this breathwork.

Buteyko breathing

Straw breathing is similar to pursed lip breathing but uses drinking straws. It was originally designed to help divers use snorkels and scuba gear, but it's still a good lung exercise. Like diaphragmatic breathing exercises, it requires your diaphragm to do properly.

Straw Breathing

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