11 Best Bonsai Tree Types for Beginner

The best beginner tree is ficus, which is durable and forgiving. These trees have substantial aerial root systems, making bonsai intriguing.

1 - Ficus

Juniper bonsai are fascinating. Because they tolerate cold, these evergreens can be cultivated outside year-round. They're poor indoor bonsai trees. Instead, choose this for outdoor living. 

2 – Juniper

Flexible maples make great bonsai trees with stunning fall color. Most maple trees become red, orange, or gold in the fall, while others have spectacular spring growth. 

3 – Maple

Beautiful deciduous bald cypress trees make great bonsai trees. Keeping the pot in a shallow water dish can keep your cypress moist, especially in summer. 

4 – Bald Cypre

All boxwood species are beautiful evergreens that make great topiaries and hedges. The most popular bonsai tree is Chinese boxwood. 

5 – Chinese Boxwood

Azaleas are resilient, low-maintenance, and magnificent flowering bonsai trees. Although it needs a lot of sun, this tree needs afternoon protection, especially in summer. 

6 – Azalea

The majority of ficus bonsai trees are easy to care for. They cannot handle cold, thus they must stay indoors in winter unless in warm climates. Below 60°F (15°C), this tree slows. 

7 – Ginseng Ficus

Bougainvillea is another easy bonsai. Its brilliant branch terminal bracts are sometimes confused for flowers. These modified papery leaves have tiny blooms. 

8 – Bougainvillea

Large Chinese elms make beautiful bonsais. It has small leaves and delicate ramification. This tree can endure cold in most climates, but it needs shelter from extreme cold. 

9 – Chinese Elm

Oak bonsai are sturdy. Most are deciduous and cold-hardy like full-sized trees, but bonsai need frost protection. This bonsai will endure a lifetime and more because oaks live hundreds of years. 

10 – Oak

Desert roses are rare bonsais, although they thrive in containers. Thus, it makes a good bonsai. The trunk is wide and with intriguing grey bark. 

11 – Desert Rose

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