10 Things to do When You are Angry

You might believe that you need to keep "negative feelings" at bay by having good ones. Not at all. You have the right to feel whatever you want. We're all.

Feel Angry

I often act on my anger, but later regret it. Decide not to act until the feeling subsides.

Go with the emotion

Tension in your neck? Burning chest? Your throat tightening? Your legs twitch? Identify your body sensations and breathe into them to release blockages that are keeping you stuck.

Your Body Feels Angry

You can get aroused by being righteous and repeating wrongs. Perhaps you can calm yourself from bitter rage. Since we control our minds, this is a great time to practice emotional regulation.

Practice Self-Soothing

Accept that you're not seeking revenge or power. You want to address the issue and explain your thoughts.

Act without expecting retribution

Already having a bad day? Already annoyed or irritated? Someone's actions may have been the straw that broke the camel's back but not entirely responsible for these feelings.

Check your mood before the incident

Are you angry because of what someone else did or what you interpret their actions to mean? (You may think your boyfriend doesn't show up because he doesn't respect you, but he may have a good reason).

Why are you so upset

Seeing a shameful behavior may make you angry at someone for doing something you've done many times. Find all areas where you may be projecting your traits onto others to understand your feelings.

Inventory Projected Items

Follow along with pen. Someone did what? Do you think they mean harm? Was this done before? Are you angry, insecure, frustrated, or confused? Extract all.

Journal about it

Write to the other person now that you know how they caused your anger and how much it was about you. Send or burn this letter. This clarifies what you want them to learn, understand, or change.

Put it in a letter

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