10 Seeds to Grow in 2024

If you've experienced melons issues, try a Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe. This tiny plant matures with 3-foot vines and 4-inch melons. 

1 - Muskmelon

Caraflex cabbages are great for small plots and using up yield. Small 2-pound cabbages mature in a few months. 

2 - Caraflex Cabbage

Jacques likes Emerald Pleasure Z10 with zucchini spring–October. It produces massive crops in every zone under perfect conditions. Many diseases are prevented via resistance. 

3 - Summer Squash Emerald Delight

Both humans and cats can benefit from resilient catnip. You can plant it for cats and drink tea. It attracts bees, butterflies, helpful wasps, and flies. 

4 - Catnip

Creamy Sausage Bush High-yield growers love tomatoes. Buttery, creamy flavor is evident in the pale yellow cylindrical fruit. Small bushes fit pots and beds.

5 - Bush Tomato Cream Sausage

Eat eggplant if you like solanaceous plants! Add Jewel Amethyst to small spaces or empty containers to increase eggplant yield in a garden. Small stature allows it. 

6 - Jewel Amethyst Eggplant

Burgundy broccoli is the spring alternative to green broccoli. This type suits moderate winters and prolonged cold seasons. 

7 - Burgundy Broccoli

Try a Black Kat Pumpkin if you're tired of orange pumpkins in autumn! Pumpkins this dark green are practically black.

8 - Black Kat Pumpkin

Fall garden fun: Pasilla Bajio yields lots of peppers to dry.  Drying boosts the fresh pepper's flavor and mild heat, but its Scoville score stays around 1000–2000.

9 - Bajio Chilaca Chile Pepper

Kevin chose the Muncher Persian Cucumber for his spring garden. You ask why? Because one of those types is best pickled young. 

10 - Eat Persian Cucumber

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