10 Effects of Depression in Your Body

Depression affects sleep. You may feel overly sleepy or not sleepy depending on how much sleep you get. This variation will gradually affect your daytime activities, work status, and health.

Changing sleep patterns

Depression can cause overeating or undereating, which harms the body. Depressed people may overeat and become obese. Since obesity causes many chronic diseases, this may have a major impact on your health. You would feel inferior and avoid social events.

Unusual appetite

Depression would impair your focus on even the smallest tasks. This is crippling! Chronic depression greatly impairs concentration.

Lack of focus

Depression causes fatigue. Depression's most common symptoms include fatigue, but many mistake it for a result of heavy exercise. Fatigue and lethargy complicate daily tasks. People may think this fatigue is caused by less sleep, but it's actually depression.


Depressed people may walk slower due to gait changes. Others would notice your slowed walk. Depression-induced fatigue and hopelessness allow these changes. But yes! After treatment, you can return to normal. 

Gait changes

Depression makes you guilty or worthless. This isn't realistic for everyone, but you may overthink minor symptoms. Depression makes you dwell on your failures and losses. You'll then blame yourself for the results. Medical treatment would fix such effects.

Feeling inferior

You lose interest in your old hobbies due to depression. You may avoid friends and coworkers again. Depression-induced fatigue may cause this disinterest.

Low or no interest

Severe depression can lead to addiction to harmful habits like binge drinking, smoking, drug use, etc. Addiction would negatively impact your entire system and cause more suffering. It can get worse and make you want to hurt yourself. Medical attention is crucial for such patients.


Depression causes suicidal thoughts, which are devastating. Severe depression makes you want to die without a future. If you suspect your loved ones are depressed and suicidal, help them see a doctor.

Suicidal thoughts

Depression can cause severe headaches and backaches. First, rule out other causes of aches and seek medical attention. This helps you enjoy your daily routine.

Idiopathic illnesses

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