10 Best Houseplants for Beginners

One of the best indoor plants is tillandsia. They thrive without soil and need little care. They can survive weeks without water. 

1. Tillandsia

This plant needs medium light and waters twice a week. It removes formaldehyde and carbon monoxide odors. This makes a great bathroom plant. Spider plants like humidity.

2. Spider Plant

Its blade-like look makes the snake plant known as the mother-in-law's tongue or St. George's Sword. This cultivar prefers low illumination and humidity.

3. Snake Plant

This beautiful white bloom thrives in indirect sunshine but can endure low light. Peace lilies remove air pollutants. The soil should always stay moist.

4. Peace Lily

Place or hang this flexible blossom near a window for indirect sunlight. Bathroom orchids are custom-made. Bathroom humidity mimics the plant's surroundings.

5. Orchid 

Lucky bamboo grows without soil like tillandsias. They grow well in a half-glass of water and rocks. Replace water twice a month. 

6. Lucky Bamboo

If allowed, these hanging plants can climb walls. For more sunshine, place ivy vines near the window. Ivy is easy to cultivate for novices.

7. Ivy

This dragon plant thrives in humid climates. Leaf dryness and death result from low humidity. Dracaenas clean the air. This plant prefers low light.

8. Dracaena

Strong cast iron plant lives up to brand. It resists heat, humidity, and dryness. Plants prefer low-to-moderate light. Regularly water but let the soil dry before watering again.

9. Cast Iron Plant

The medicinal plant is called immortal because it lives long. Aloe from the cut leaf helps heal thinning hair and dandruff. Aloe treats small shaving cuts.

10. Aloe Vera

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